ProVoice (ProVoz) Movement Lifting Leaders to New Levels Living, Lifting, Launching, Leveraging, Leading, Balancing LIFE and Legacy “SAFE SPACE” for women of color leaders. GATHERINGS 4-5 a year in the Tri-state New York and Nation’s capitol. AMPLIFYING the voices of women leaders. Sheryl Sandberg says “lean in” Ambassador Sujay says “WE CANT LEAN IN UNTIL WE CANT GET IN” GATHERINGS. CELEBERATIONS. CONVERSATIONS.

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Our Founder and Leader, Ambassador SUJAY Johnson Cook 

ProVoice (ProVoz) Movement. Lifting Leaders to New Levels. Living, Lifting,Launching, Leveraging, Leading, Balancing LIFE and Legacy. History  

50 years ago, both the historic March on Washington and the Women’s Liberation movement began in America. Both were about civil rights, human rights and dignity; and gender rights and income equality.  

In October 2013, the ProVoice Movement was born, the 21st century answer to both. It is a Faith Feminism movement, including, involving and impacting women of color, especially Blacks, Latinas, Asian and Native Americans, and women of faith, at every step. It is our response to the limiting, dividing choices given to us by others, as to whether we are Pro Life or Pro Choice, as though we only have two options in only two areas of our lives. We declare that we are ProVoice, having voice in every arena of our lives, celebrating, motivating, accelerating, and creating more female leaders in every arena and every sector, from “C” Street to “the C Suite”.  

ProVoice took 9 months to birth. Conceived by Ambassador Suzan Johnson Cook, the 3rd US Ambassador for International Religious Freedom, known as “Ambassador Sujay”, or “Ambassador in Chief” as the President’s and Secretary’s advisor, she saw women absent from the “table”. Sisters globally were asking “How to get to the top, stay on top and not ‘topple’ over”. She is responding. It takes those of us who have had education, success and access, to help others not only enter but excel and exceed expectations. She responds to Sheryl Sandberg by saying,“ We can’t LEAN IN until we GET IN.” She responds to Ann Marie Slaughter by stating “Women CAN have it all, but not all at once”, and she responds to Arianna Huffington by declaring, after a six month Siesta/Selah/Sabbatical, that not only will we “Thrive”, but we are “Alive”:She’s rested, restored and READY for our next chapter.

What is ProVoice/ProVoz? It is a movement of women of faith and Christian women, willing to partner with other women of faith. When joined together, la “junta”, Black and Latina women, along with Asian and Native American women, can be a true economic, political and leading force in America and in the world. Starting in the US, it will focus on 4 US cities to begin, including tristate New York, Washington DC (and DMV), Los Angeles and Chicago.  

Structure Pro Voice will have representation from both Americas, Africa, the Caribbean and the African Diaspora.

Board Members: Melinda Hodgson Yolanda Caldwell Suzan Johnson Cook, Board Chair and CEO


ProVoice has been certified/registered as a 50l c 4, in NY State and we are working on dual alignment as a 50l c 3. We are permitted to participate in Political and national activities. Faith, Family, Friendships, Funds, and Fortitude are central themes as we begin to concentrate on what Ambassador Sujay describes as the “WELLL” theory: W-Women and Wealth E-Excelling and Enterprising with Excellence in All arenas. L-Leadership Tools and Strategies L-Life Balance L-Legacy  

Seminars, Workshops, and Networking The beginnings of the movement will be executed with seminars, workshops, conversations that unify, not divide, seeking common ground and issues, and developing relationships and friendships, withfrequent guest speakers who can inform and share with women LEADERS.  

Technology Technology will be used to multiply the impact, via Skype and webinars and phone conferences. However, as much in person, sister to sister, Hermana a Hermana, interaction that can be used, the better  

Monthly Gatherings Called “Wonderful Wednesdays for Women” or “The Sister Gatherings”, monthly gatherings will begin to occur, and a Sisters’ Summit will be planned to bring all units together. Build a website for mass communication and information


Membership Individuals can join at $150 per year, this includes all sessions discounts for special events and sisterhood with dynamic women of color leaders.  

Audience Any female identifying as or seeking to be a leader.


Thank you for your generosity, our Donor Categories are as follows: Ambassador’s Circle $1000 Angels $500 Friends of Ambassador Sujay $200




Tuesday-Friday 10am-6pm Saturday to Monday CLOSED


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